Painting has its own language and a rich tradition that serves as an anchor point in Western image culture. It is very interesting to work from this old medium precisely at this time, in which so many new technical possibilities are available.

The slowness of oil paints calls for reflection and the influence of the Internet and social media forces new ways to deal with the medium. The constant flow of information and the ability to connect the world are characteristics of the internet that correspond to the painting process.

With each stroke of the brush or wipe of the paintcloth, the visual information of the painting changes. The entire surface of the painting is connected, paint from the bottom layer is chemically and visualy related to the last touches of paint. A point in the upper left corner of the image can have a direct relationship with a point in the lower right corner.

The painting can be seen as an extreme macro vision of the Internet, in which time is greatly delayed. The chemical processes of adhesion, mixing, drying and the actions of manipulation, addition and removal are the tangible variants of the ones and zeros that instruct the display.